Advanced Strength & Cardio Training

Advanced dumbbell sets for a serious strength or bodybuilding workout.

Advanced Dumbbell Set

Rep Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set with Racks, 5-50 Set, 5-75 Set, 5-100 Set, 2.5-27.5 Set, 55-75, 80-100, or 105-125 Set. Available with ot without racks.

Advance Home Gym with leg press.

Home Gym with Leg Press

Home Gym with Leg Press Included, 2:1 Ratio. Upgraded version of the P1X with Functional Arms. 160lb. Weight Stack Included, can upgrade to 210lb. (optional). Virtually unlimited exercises with low, mid, and high pulleys. 10 Year Powerline Warranty.

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Exercise, strength training dvd, yoga, expert personal trainer videos

Motivational Strength Training DVD's

A DVD selection to motivate every men, women, and children of any age  to get moving and improve strength and fitness. Weight training, yoga, and more.

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More Handy Tools for Your Fitness Journey


Elliptical Cardio Trainers for home gym.

Choose your favorite features in an Elliptical Trainer!



Top line treadmills for advanced cardio training.

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Spinning Bike

Spin Spinner bicycle commercial grade for home or business for cardio workouts.

Spin Bike! Fore/aft micro adjustments on the seat post and handlebars allow for maximum comfort and a personalized fit. Comfort grip, precision aluminum handlebars include ride adjustments. Accommodates riders 4' 9" (145 cm) to 6' 9" (206 cm), may vary based on rider’s inseam. Weight capacity 350 lb. (158.8 kg)


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